" I have had Boxer dogs for over 20 years. Today, I had to send my last two Boxers into God's hands.

You arrived on time and you and your assitant were immediately compassionate and supportive to the tremendous pain I was feeling. You were gentle, professinal, caring, compassionate, and soothing.

It was a bitter sweet day for me as I took my dogs to Three Dogs Bakery for some yummy cookies and treats, took them to the beach to enjoy the ocean breeze on their faces and the surf on their paws, then brought them home and the three of us laid on the grass in the front yard until it was time to go.

It will be some time before my heart recovers but I am glad beyond words that I was able to take care of my sweet, loving dogs by making their last breath one of comfort, laying in the sun with a gentle breeze. Thank you Dr. Silvia for making a tremendously painful experience in my life more bearable."

K. Russell

San Clemente, CA

Dear Dr. Silvia,

I just wanted to thank you and your assistant for your kindness and support on Friday. I am so appreciative that you both took the time that you did to get to know myself and my precious cat Ethan. You made an AWFUL situation much more bearable. I love the way that you spent time watching him and examining him (which by the way, was the most thorough exam he has ever had. And you told me things about his condition that his full time vet never even mentioned!)

I am still unsure if I did the right thing and I miss him terribly but having you both here was a god's send and I have already made sure to tell all of my friends about you and your services. You ARE truly in the right field and we are all lucky to have a vet like you out there! When I get another pet one day I will call you for an appointment.

Thank you for having so much patience with me, kindness in your heart as well as an obvious love for animals.


Stacy Gleason

In so many ways you made a difficult time poignant, memorable and meaningful…from your compassionate visits, the personal messages on the card, the beautiful presentation of those remains…I love the paw prints and I've added their fur and photos. I have two little solar light sticks that I bought in their memory and they light up and change colors-a star for Max and a flower for Mindy-visible from my bedroom window…and I'm going to plant some of the rosemary around them.

Catherine was so sweet on Friday and she came by with the remains. Again, thank you so very, very much! Nancy Dykema

I'm sure I will be calling on you many times in the future…hopefully for more routine and happier reasons.

"Dear Dr. Silvia & Amanda,

My heartfelts thanks to you blessed souls to come to my home and surround "Tully" with your compassion & love his last day with us. He was enveloped by all of us in love and grace and left with his beautiful dignity. At 17 years he lived an amazing full circle of life and gave so much to me with his every breath. His essence still surrounds me and eases the loss but life in my home is much changed without him.

With love and friendship, thank you for giving him peace. Denise

Dr. Silvia~

Thanks so much for always taking care of me and my cousin Baxter!

Bark @ you soon! XO 'Bandit' Scifres

Dear Dr. Silvia,

Thank you so much for your kind and professional way of handling the last minutes of our sweet doggies lives. Your warmth and thoughtfulness was so appreciated by my daughter and I. You made the passing of our little dogs alot less difficult. It meant alot to my daughter that you offered to give a snip of Lucy's hair to her. Having them fall asleep in our laps from the sedative and then peacefully passing on after that was the best possible way to say good bye to them. Also, we really appreciate the beautiful cedar boxes, silver name tags, special flower adornment , silky tie bags and paw prints that came with their ashes.

Our heartfelt thanks,   Jeanie, Teal and Michael Metzner

Dear Dr. Silvia & Erin,

Thank you so much for your loving and compassionate care!!

Alejandra, Fernanda & Chompis <3

Dear Dr. Silvia & Staff-

Thank you so much for your caring and loving of Kaya. He will be missed by all of us, especially me. He was my soul mate. Kaya was born a dog but left us a gentle soul.

Annette M.

Dear Dr. Silvia,

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you came to my time of need in putting down my sweet and loving dog Bear. I was so helpless and you showed true compassion towards me and I cannot thank you enough. You and Amanda were very kind and gentle and made the unbearable bearable.

Thank you again. Cytree B.


Dear Dr Silvia,

I just spoke with my mom, Amelia Hernandez, whose cat Sara you saw today in Laguna Woods. My mother was almost in tears with elation and relief after your visit. She felt so comforted to have you and your daughter there and felt that Sara was in such competent hands.

I cannot describe how much my mom loves Sara as she has had her since she was a kitten. She was so nervous she almost did not want to have her seen at all. I just thank God that we somehow found you.

I just wanted to take a moment and send you my heartfelt thanks for taking such outstanding care of Sara (and my mom ).

Sincerely, Kathy Fowler


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  • "Dr Silvia is a wonderful caring vet. She is thorough with her analysis in finding out what ur pet needs. When our dog was critically ill and had to be at another vet hospital Sylvia was there for consultation and information. She is an amazing vet and would highly recommend her."
    - Karen
  • "I have used Dr. Silvia for several euthanasias. In each case, she and her staff were more than caring and compassionate to both my dogs and me."
  • "Dr. Silvia has been my dog's vet for over 9 years, she provides utmost care with a heart of gold and love for my two dogs. What's special about Dr. Silvia is her attention to detail, expertise and explaining complex medical issues in a way that I can absorb and understand. Dr. Silvia is a kind, animal loving and compassionate veterinarian she comes with my highest recommendation."
    - Sharon
  • "Dr Silvia is very knowledgeable, caring & professional in caring for our 2 Labradors over the past 15 years."
    - Lisa
  • "Dr. Silvia caught mouth cancer in my 7 year old Boxer that was treated in time with surgery. That Boxer is now 11 and doing great."
    - Brad
  • "Dr Silvia is the best! Has taken care of my kitties Iris and Ivy for 4 years"
    - Mary
  • "Dr. Silvia and staff are always patient, kind, and professional. Yesterday she helped me send my sweet Vincent across the Rainbow Bridge, peacefully and smoothly. I am so glad to have her in my life."
    - Judith
  • "Amazing vet that comes right to your house! No more stress for your babies traveling to the doctor. Dr. Silvia is such a caring provider! I highly recommend her!!!"
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  • "Thank you so much for your loving and compassionate care!!"
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